Enrollment Information

The Dental Hygiene Program is designed to train students to work as dental hygienists who have specific knowledge of the dental hygiene profession, a sophisticated level of thinking ability, and the positive character traits (i.e., responsibility, discipline, and initiative) necessary to succeed at any level in the workplace. 

All courses in the program will employ an integrated teaching strategy that will include development of critical skills, competence in oral and written English communication, and competence in applied math for problem solving.  In addition, all courses will provide a broad understanding of “all aspects of the field (industry).”  The program will be articulated with various transfer institutions so that those students who choose to transfer for further study may do so. 

Students, at their expense, are required to have a physical examination and immunizations prior to entering the Dental Hygiene program.  Students must meet established physical criteria​ to participate in the clinical area and have a current Basic Life Support--Health Care Provider card ​(two-person rescue and infant resuscitation).  Students must also comply with drug testing and background clearance requirements for clinical placement.

Enrollment Criteria

A new Dental Hygiene class is admitted every fall semester and space in the program is limited to seats available.  In order to be eligible for enrollment, students must file an enrollment packet with the Admissions office during the designated enrollment filing period. 

Please note: Dental Hygiene application requirements have changed.

Students must meet all the following requirements for application to the Dental Hygiene program:

  • Students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. 
    • ​Official high school transcript, copy of high school diploma, official CHSPE transcript, or G.E.D. test results are not necessary if applicant has a post-secondary degree and submits the official College Transcript showing the conferred degree. No copies of degrees, certificates, or transcripts will be accepted.
  • Completion of prerequisite courses with specified grade requirements
  • Completion of general education requirements for graduation
  • Proof of immunizations per the Health and Safety (Clinical) Requirements - Other Programs Immunization Information​

Prerequisite Courses:

Prerequisites must be completed upon application.  No in progress courses will be accepted. Prerequisite science courses listed below must be completed with an overall minimum of 2.5 GPA. All science courses must include an in person lab class. No online lab courses will be accepted.

Sciences Prerequisites courses

  • ANAT 1 Anatomy 5
  • PHY 1 Physiology 5
  • MICRO 1 Microbiology 5
  • CHEM 2A Introduction to Chemistry 5
  • CHEM 2B Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry 5

Students must complete the remaining general “PREREQUISITE" courses listed below must be completed with an overall minimum of 2.5 GPA.

General Prerequisite courses

  • ENG 1A College Composition 4
  • SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 3
  • PSYC 1A General Psychology 3
  • CMST 60 Public Speaking OR 
  • CMST 54 Small Group Communications  3

Note: If CMST 10 was taken prior to and including Spring 2014 this course may be accepted as a pre-requisite

  • NUTR 25 - Nutrition (formally FSS 25, HOEC 25)  3

Total Prerequisite Units 41

These graduation requirements must be completed prior to submitting an application for the program. 

Note:  For specific questions regarding your prerequisite courses, contact the Health Sciences Counselor.  You may make an appointment online or call 530-339-3600.