Shasta College offers an introductory education in the techniques, materials and history of glass as an art medium. The curriculum focuses on contemporary fine-art practice through incorporating diverse subject matter and interdisciplinary approaches. The program's resources include a two-bench hot shop with two glass furnaces, annealers, casting facilities, fusing, and coldworking equipment.

The Glass program at Shasta College began in 1969 when Clif Sowder developed the program’s facilities specifically for the new interest of glassblowing that was becoming so popular at art schools across the nation. Many students that studied with Clif during his thirty six year tenure went on to make careers of the craft.

Now, over three decades later, under the direction of David Gentry, the glass offerings at Shasta College continue to be a viable art medium for student exploration.  The glass classes at Shasta College emphasize beginning and intermediate level study in casting, blowing and cold working processes which prepare students for transfer into glass programs at universities and art schools elsewhere.