Associate in Arts for Transfer | SC Program: AA-T.1005

Academic Plan

An academic plan shows all the courses you need to graduate and a suggested order in which you should take them. To make your personalized comprehensive education plan, please make an appointment with a counselor.

This suggested four-semester sequence of courses is based on full-time enrollment and includes all major and general education courses required for the degree.

Fall Semester - First Year

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1A College Composition 4 Units
ART 12 Beginning Form, Design and Color 3 Units
ART 3 History of Western Arts Since 1400 3 Units
ART 21A Beginning Freehand Drawing 3 Units
STU 1 College Success 3 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units

Spring Semester - First Year

Course Title Credits
ENGL 1B Literature and Composition or other CSU A3 course 3 Units
ART 13 Intermediate Form, Design and Color 3 Units
ART 21B Intermediate Freehand Drawing 3 Units
POLS 2 Introduction to American Government 3 Units
MATH 14 Introduction to Statistics 4 Units
  TOTAL 16 Units

Fall Semester - Second Year

Course Title Credits
CMST 60 Public Speaking 3 Units
ART 15 Three Dimensional Design 3 Units
ART 29A Beginning Painting 3 Units
ASTR 2 Stellar Astronomy or other CSU B1 course 3 Units
ETHS 1 Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3 Units
  TOTAL 15 Units

Spring Semester - Second Year

Course Title Credits
ART 4 World Art 3 Units
BIOL 10/10L General Biology with Lab 4 Units
HUM 2 Exploring Humanities 3 Units
HIST 17A/B United States History 3 Units
  TOTAL 13 Units

See a counselor to discuss options for meeting general education requirements for transfer to California State Universities (CSU) and/or University of California (UC) campuses, as well as any specific or additional courses that may be required by your chosen institution of transfer.

To meet with a counselor, you can schedule an appointment online or call (530) 242-7724.

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