The Sculpture program at Shasta College examines three-dimensional media as a point of departure for critical thought and problem solving. Students explore a variety of techniques and processes for making sculpture, including modeling in clay, plaster, mold making, woodworking, metal techniques, and mixed media approaches. Traditional and non-traditional methods are discussed as a way to help students develop concepts. Class discussions, slide lectures and critiques provide further exposure to contemporary issues in sculpture. Sculpture students learn to exercise techniques as well as develop design skill, conceptual awareness and aesthetic sensibilities.

The Sculpture Studio includes a fully equipped wood working area with equipment for the fabrication, construction and carving of wood. The metal facilities include a foundry with a 100lb melt furnace capacity, a MIG welder, an arc welder with TIG capabilities, horizontal band saw, reciprocating saw, drill press, oxy acetylene cutting, brazing and welding as well as a gas forge and multiple hand tools for chasing and forming.