Certificate | SC Program: CL.3434

Students completing this certificate will have the basic firefighting training as required by the U.S. Forest Service and California Department of Forestry for seasonal or permanent employment in fire fighting. This Academy provides the students with all the required knowledge, skills and abilities as required and dictated by the United States Forest Service ( USFS ) and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF or Cal-Fire) for a certificate required by those two wildland fire agencies for seasonal wildland firefighter employment. The focus of this academy is wildland fire control and safety in the wildland fire environment. Students who successfully complete this academy obtain the very basic skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform at the entry level as a wild land firefighter. More advanced wild land courses are contained in the Shasta College Course Catalog. Both the State and Federal wildland Fire Agencies provide their own more advance training once employment is obtained.

Note: Successful completion of the Wildland Firefighter 1 Academy does not assure employment with the USFS or CAL-FIRE.

This is a locally approved certificate. Upon satisfactory completion of the listed requirements and application for completion of the certificate to Admissions and Records, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate program is not approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office; therefore, completion of the certificate will not be listed on the student’s transcript.

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Spring Semester

6 Units Total
Pre. M 6
Wildland Firefighter I Academy
Units 6
1. To be considered for seasonal Firefighter positions, you may also need to hold additional certificates. Students should contact CALFIRE and the USFS for additional information.

2. This course may be repeated any number of times for credit by persons who are legally mandated to meet training requirements as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment.

This course is a review of fire behavior, equipment, and apparatus. Topics covered include basic wildland firefighting tactics and strategy, methods of attack, and pre-planning fire problems. This course meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for entry-level firefighter positions in the California Department of Forestry (CALFIRE) and the United States Forest Service (USFS).
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