Associate in Science | SC Program: AS.1519

Program Description

The Agriculture Science, Education, and Management Degree at Shasta College provides training for ranching, farming, agriculture production, and related careers in vocational education, sales, services, and distribution of agriculture-related products. In the core courses, students will receive a broad-based knowledge of agriculture, agri-business management, and sustainable agricultural production practices. The three options provide students with an opportunity to customize their degree program in Agriculture Education option, Agriculture Science option, or the Farm, Ranch, and Wildland Management option. A hands-on approach provides students with realistic training and education in livestock husbandry, crop production, farm and land management, and equipment operations and repair.

This degree is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

  1. Describe the development and dissemination of modern agricultural technologies and land use practices.
  2. Explain the principles of crop rotation and demonstrate the ability to develop a simple crop rotation plan.
  3. Articulate problems and ask critical questions concerning agricultural sustainability.
  4. Address complex agricultural problems by using systems thinking and other approaches.
  5. Describe the principles and practices used to enhance and maintain biological diversity in an agricultural environment.
  6. Evaluate the role of soil fertility in an ecological production system.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses

  • AG 9A Agriculture and Natural Resources Leadership I (1)
  • AG 94 Agriculture Worksite Learning (1)
  • AGAB 54* Agriculture Economics (3)
  • AGAS 11 Livestock Feeding and Nutrition (3)
  • AGAS 19* Principles of Animal Science (3)
  • AGMA 44 Introduction to Construction Skills for Agriculture and Natural Resources (3)
  • AGNR 52 Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources (3)
  • AGPS 20* Plant Science (4)
  • AGPS 24* Soils (3)
  • AGSA 56 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Management (3)
  • CHEM 2A* Introduction to Chemistry (5)
CONCENTRATION OPTIONS – Please choose one of the following:

OPTION 1 – General Agriculture Science Concentration (Choose 3 courses):

  • AGAB 51 Agriculture Accounting (3)
  • AGAB 53 Introduction to Agriculture Business (3)
  • AGAS 30 Livestock Production (3)
  • AGEH 22 Nursery Practices and Plant Propagation (2)
  • CHEM 2B* Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (5)

OPTION 2 – Agriculture Education Concentration (Choose 3 courses):

  • AG 71** Introduction to Agriculture Education (2) **Recommended
  • AG 72 Ag Education Early Field Experience (2)
  • AGAS 30 Livestock Production (3)
  • AGEH 22 Nursery Practices and Plant Propagation (2)
  • AGEQ 13 Equine Science (3)
  • AGMA 42 Farm Power and Machinery (3)

OPTION 3 – Farm, Ranch, and Wildland Management (Choose 3 courses):

  • AGAB 51 Agriculture Accounting (3)
  • AGAB 53 Introduction to Agriculture Business (3)
  • AGAS 30 Livestock Production (3)
  • AGEQ 21 Horse Management (3)
  • AGMA 42 Farm Power and Machinery (3)
  • AGNR 4 Introduction to Wildland and Range Ecology (3)
  • AGNR 70 Wildlife Conservation and Management (3)

While not required, the following courses are recommended GE courses for students who are planning on transferring to CSU or university. See a counselor or Agriculture faculty regarding transfer requirements. TRANSFER REQUIREMENTS MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM A.S. DEGREE REQUIREMENTS.

60 units and all graduation requirements are required for the AS Degree.

  • HIST 17A United States History (3) OR HIST 17B United Stated History (3)
  • POLS 2 Introduction to American Government (3)
  • ENGL 1A College Composition (4)
  • CMST 54 Small Group Communication (3) OR CMST 60 Public Speaking (3)
  • MATH 13 College Algebra for the Liberal Arts (3) OR MATH 14 Introduction to Statistics (4)
  • STU 1 College Success (3)
  • Recommend (US Diversity or Global Cultures) CSU Chico (3)

*May be used to fulfill General Education requirements. See a counselor.

Associate in Science Degree Requirements

  • Major 38-43
  • Additional General Education 15
  • General Electives 2-7
  • Degree Total 60*

*Note: Calculation assumes a student will double-count the Multicultural graduation requirement with either a social science or humanities G.E. requirement. If students plan well and see a counselor, they may be able to double count the Multicultural units. If this graduation requirement is added, the number of units is increased by 3 units.

For reference only as of 2020/2021

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