Whether it is hands-on manual labor in the fields, or working as a scientist in a lab or greenhouse, Agriculture offers a huge range of specialties. As the science of raising plant crops and livestock, agriculture teaches the essentials of farming and ranching.

Degrees / Certificates

Map your education by viewing the Academic Plan for the degree or certificate you’re interested in earning below. Meet with a counselor to create your official comprehensive education plan.

AS-T Agriculture Animal Science

Provides students with the opportunity to meet the requirements for transfer to the CSU system in Animal Science or a similar major.

AS-T Agriculture Business

Provides students with the opportunity to meet the requirements for transfer to the CSU system in Agricultural Business.

Certificate: Agriculture – Equipment Operations & Maintenance

This curriculum is designed to provide employable skills essential to several occupations and emphasizes the “learn-by-doing” method of instruction on modern equipment.

AS Agriculture – Forest Science and Technology

Prepares students to enter a career in forestry.

AS Agriculture – Horticulture & Landscaping

Prepares students for a career in tree and landscape care, landscape design and construction, and nursery production.

Certificate: Agriculture – Horticulture – Irrigation

Provides students with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to meet the Irrigation Association standards to apply to the Auditor, Contractor or Designer Exams.

AS Agriculture: Natural Resources

Provides technician-level training for students interested in working in such areas as wildlife, forestry, range, and outdoor recreation.

Certificate: Agriculture: Natural Resources

The Natural Resources curriculum is designed to meet the demand for trained personnel in a broad range of Natural Resource/Environmental Science fields in addition to numerous private organizations.

AS-T Agriculture Plant Science

Designed to prepare students for transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program in Plant Science., Horticulture or related major at a CSU campus.

AS Agriculture Science, Education and Management

Provides training for ranching, farming, agriculture production and related careers in vocational education, sales, services and distribution of agriculture-related products.

AA Agriculture Sciences

Provide the lower division major courses to transfer to a university and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Agriculture Business, and Horticulture.

AS Agriculture Trades

Allows students to explore all areas of agriculture, including animal science, agriculture business, horticulture, equine, sustainable agriculture, mechanized agriculture, natural resources, and viticulture.

Certificate: Pest Control Advisor Preparation

PCAs are licensed professional production consultants who serve California agriculture, natural resource and horticulture producers.

Certificate: Sustainable Landscape

Students completing this certificate will learn skills to prepare them for a crew leadership role within the landscape industry.

Transferring for Bachelor’s Degree

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