LGBTQ+ Advocacy Panel

  • Mary St John - LGBTQ+ Liason; Program Coordinator - Basic Needs, Student Services
  • Corrine Ewing - Safe Zone Team; HR Program Coordinator - Professional Development
  • Paul Burwick - Safe Zone Team; Sr. Educational Technologist - Office of Educational Technology
  • Bob De Paul - Counselor - SCI*FI (Foster Youth)
  • Danielle Dore - Paraprofessional - College to Career
  • Justina Meeder - Specialist - Curriculum and Instructional Scheduling
  • Carlos Reyes - Dean - Science, Language Arts and Mathematics (SLAM)

Other Contacts

  • Valerie Ambrose - GSA Faculty Advisor; English/Reading Faculty – SLAM
  • Alan Beamer - GSA Faculty Advisor; Chemistry Faculty – SLAM
  • Nicole Smith - Safe Zone Team; Psychological Counselor – Student Wellness Services
  • Heather Wylie - Safe Zone Team; Sociology Faculty – ACCS
  • The Hub - Basic Needs Center where students can get connected to LGBTQ campus and community resources and feel more engaged with their peers.

Community Resources, Outreach and Events

LGBTQ+ Data Best Practices and Accessing CCC Apply Report

The RP Group of California Community Colleges recently held their annual RP Conference. Tish Jett-Dias, Ricky Gutierrez-Maldonado from San Joaquin​ Delta College did a presentation on the LGBTQ+ Data. View the PowerPoint Presentation below:

LGBTQ+ Data for Dummies: Best Practices and Accessing CCC Apply Report Center