Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including pregnancy, parenting, and all related conditions. Under Title IX, pregnant and parenting students have the right to continue their education, and Shasta College is committed to the success of our pregnant and parenting students.

As a pregnant or parenting student, you have the right to an equal education. You have the right to participate and to have your pregnancy-related absences excused. Please communicate with our Title IX Coordinator, Marrianne Williams at (530) 242-7649 or email at mewilliams@shastacollege.edu should you require support.

Pregnancy Accommodations

Title IX requires that schools provide pregnant students with special services they provide to students with temporary disabilities. Students may receive reasonable adjustments through pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery. Students may request classroom or other accommodations from our Partners in Access to College Education (PACE) office by calling (530) 242-7790 or by email at paceoffice@shastacollege.edu.

Lactation Spaces

Shasta College is committed to the success of our working mothers and students. Our lactation room is located in the 2100 Building, Room 2105 and is available to employees, students and visitors.

Baby Change Stations

Baby change stations are located in the following buildings:

  • 200 (Library) – Currently closed due to construction
  • 1500 (Veterans Building)
  • 2000 (Campus Center) 
  • 3200 (ECE) – One unisex restroom has a changing station

Pregnant and Parenting Resources