Contact Info
Position Student Trustee, Board of Trustees
Mailing Board of Trustees | C/O Shasta College, Office of the President | P.O. Box 496006 | Redding, CA 96049-6006
Current Term of Office - Student Trustee
August 2020 – May 2021

My name is Anika Carterby, I am this year’s Student Senate President. This is my second year attending Shasta College. I am working on getting my transfer degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Agriculture Business; then I will be transferring to Chico State to complete my Business degree. I am an active member of the Agriculture Leadership Club that we have here on campus and served as last year’s and this year’s treasurer. When I’m not working or participating in school related activities, I am hiking, kayaking, backpacking, or doing anything related to the outdoors. I am excited for this opportunity to represent the Student Body of Shasta College.