This degree prepares you to enter the workforce and have the skills you need to move up the career ladder into management. The courses offered in this degree teach the skills necessary to be successful in business. Many courses are offered during the day and evening at one of our extended education campuses, and online. 

This degree is approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Upon  satisfactory completion of all degree requirements and filing an application for graduation with Admissions and Records, the student’s transcript will reflect completion of this degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this degree, the student should be able to:

  • Evaluate the forms of business organizations in order to select the optimal legal structure for operation.
  • Demonstrate the use of skills relevant for problem-solving, decision-making, and resolving ethical dilemmas in the business environment including critical thinking, effective written and oral communication, working effectively in teams and the proficient use of computers for information search, retrieval, problem solving and communication.
  • Functions of Management: Compose a paper that defines the functions of Management and describes examples relating to existing businesses.
  • Express the accounting equation; identify and perform the processes of the accounting cycle; and prepare and interpret the basic financial statements for service and merchandising organizations in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Compose clear and effective communication using the following modalities: Business Letters, Memos, and E-mails.

Degree Requirements

Core Courses
  • ACCT 101 Basic Accounting I 3
  • BUAD 6 Business Law I OR BUAD 8 Business Law II 3
  • BUAD 10* Introduction to Business 3
  • BUAD 12 International Business 3
  • BUAD 15 Business and Society 3
  • BUAD 41 Supervision and Leadership OR BUAD 91 Principles of Management 3
  • BUAD 45* Human Relations on the Job 3
  • BUAD 66* Business Communications 3
  • BUAD 76 Sales OR BUAD 77 Principles of Marketing 3
  • BUAD 106 Business Mathematics 3

*May be used to fulfill General Education requirements. See a counselor.

Major: 30

Additional General Education: 15

General Electives: 15

Degree Total: 60*

*Note: Calculation assumes a student will double-count the Multicultural graduation requirement with either a social science or humanities G.E. requirement and that the student will fulfill computer literacy through a test. If students plan well and see a counselor, they may be able to double count the Multicultural and Computer Literacy units. If these graduation requirements are added, the number of units is increased by 6 units.

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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