While available to anyone, this degree is designed for students who have been working as Firefighter/Engineers (paid or volunteer) and intend on becoming Engine Captains/Company Officers. Additionally, this degree supports wildland firefighters who are, or will be working at the Crew/Engine/Dozer/Squad Boss levels, or similar supervisory positions. Once a student has completed this degree, it is hoped that they will continue their education and pursue a transfer level AA degree with a final target being undergraduate and graduate degrees in team development, group dynamics/psychology, fire administration or similar disciplines.


For General Studies Degree Learning Outcomes, see page 29.

Complete the following 3.5 units
  • FIRS 186 Company Officer 2E, Wildland Incident Operations (1.5)
  • FIRS 187 All-Risk Command Operations for Company Officers (2)
Choose 14.5 units from the list below
  • FIRS 108 Firefighter II (4)
  • FIRS 135 Intermediate Incident Command System: For Expanding Incidents, I-300 (1.5)
  • FIRS 136 Advanced Incident Command System I-400 (1)
  • FTWL 102 Wildland Firefighter Safety and Survival (3)
  • FTWL 103 Wildland Fire Operations (3)
  • FTWO 114 Initial Attack Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4) S-200 (1)
  • FTWO 116 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface S-215 (1)
  • FTWO 121 Crew Boss S-230 (1.5)
  • FTWO 125 Ignition Operations S-234 (1)
  • FTWO 135 Task Force/Strike Team Leader S-330 (1)

For reference only as of 2019/2020

Degree Requirements and Courses

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