General Studies – 18 Unit Emphasis | SC Program: AS.1509

While available to anyone, this degree is designed for students who have been working as wildland firefighters and intend on working within the Plans Section of the Incident Command System (specifically the Situation Unit and Fire Behavior positions). Once a student has completed this degree, it is hoped that they will continue their education and pursue a transfer level AA degree with a final target being undergraduate and graduate degrees in Meteorology, Physics, or similar disciplines.


For General Studies Degree Learning Outcomes, see page 29.

Complete the following 4.5 units
  • FTWO 113 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior S-190 (0.5)
  • FTWO 132 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior S-290 (2)
  • FTWO 144 Introduction to Wildland Fire Calculations S-390 (2)
Choose 13.5 units from the list below
  • CHEM maximum of 3 units
  • ESCI 14 Meteorology (3)
  • FTWL 101 Wildland Fire Behavior (3)
  • FTWL 103 Wildland Fire Operations (3)
  • FTWO 111 Firefighter Training S-130 (2)
  • FTWO 112 Advanced Firefighter Training S-131 (0.5)
  • FTWO 114 Initial Attack Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4) S-200 (1)
  • FTWO 116 Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface S-215 (1)
  • FTWO 125 Ignition Operations S-234 (1)
  • FTWO 128 Field Observer S-244 (1.5)
  • MATH 110 Essential Math (3)

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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