In Northern California, industrial technology is used in many business sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, lumber, and construction. For example, modern agriculture with automated systems that process fruits and processed food and beverages relies on technicians who can install and maintain electrical and mechanical equipment. Lumber mills and manufacturing businesses that rely on programmable equipment to mill logs, turn shafts, bend plate, or mold plastic need technicians as well.

Shasta College has sought input from community stakeholders and has nearly completed the addition of a state-of-the-art Industrial Automation Lab in the 2500 Building. 

Rick Osbrink, the new Industrial Technology instructor is also expanding coursework in this area.

Currently Available

Industrial Automation & Manufacturing Certificate

This program provides individuals training in industrial electronics, control devices, and motor controls; process control; and programming and troubleshooting PLCs. Individuals interested in working in a commercial environment with programmable automation would benefit from completing this 17 unit certificate.

CNC Operator

The CNC Operators Program is designed to prepare students for positions in a variety of service and manufacturing industries requiring technically trained and/or certified operators. The program is designed to prepare students for the opportunity to become entry level CNC operators. Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining and turning centers revolutionized manufacturing facilities two decades ago and continue to drive up productivity. CNC machine tool paths can be generated from 3D models or written manually by a skilled operator. Individuals who would like to compete for an entry-level position in a manufacturing business should complete this certificate.

  • Students will safely use manual machine tools to produce a part within specified tolerances.
  • Students will be able to interpret blueprints and use precision measurements to correctly layout a project.
  • Students will be able to program a CNC vertical mill using G-code to drill precision holes.
  • Students will be able to set-up CNC milling and turning equipment utilizing proper work-holding techniques, and load a program for production.

Maintenance Mechanic Technician

Machines have moving parts that transmit power, move objects, and accomplish work. Shasta College will provide skills training on weld fabrication, machining, V-belts & sheaves, chains & sprockets, gears & gear box, shaft alignment, rigging & lifting, pipes & tubing, and other areas that a maintenance mechanic must be skilled in.

Individuals with limited industrial experience will be encouraged to take all three certificates. For more information contact Rick Osbrink- 530-242-7560 or



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