ME.jpgEva Jimenez currently serves as Dean of Economic & Workforce Development Division where she manages grant managers and is responsible for the outcomes of numerous grants totaling close to $15 million. Many of these grants involve partnerships with k-12 and community industry partners. Ms. Jimenez began her journey at Shasta College as a business instructor eleven years ago. She delivered courses in business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership and other business-related topics. Ms. Jimenez played an integral role in delivering customer service modules to many community partners during her instructional years. For the past four years, Ms. Jimenez has served as an instructional administrator, which allows her to utilize her 15 years of private-industry management experience.  

Ms. Jimenez possesses strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.  Her expertise in these areas has played a key role in creating and strengthening business relationships within the community and the college.  Ms. Jimenez is also heavily involved in student governance and has served on steering committees for several Shasta College Foundation fundraisers requiring event planning, marketing, sales, and project management for 200+ attendees.  Currently, Ms. Jimenez serves on several committees, both on campus and in the community.  Ms. Jimenez recognizes the importance of networking, building partnerships, and nurturing relationships in order to achieve common goals.

Prior to Shasta College, Ms. Jimenez worked for a financial institution in Sacramento, California where sheEva in SF.jpg managed over 180 employees.  Her role as Center Director included a non-inclusive list of the following responsibilities and duties: leadership, employee recruiting, hiring, motivation and training, project management, sales, client relations, and company growth.  Her success in this position, once again, highlights her strong communication and organizational skills.

Ms. Jimenez has earned her Masters in Business Administration, this coupled with over fifteen years of experience in professional, organized, and customer-oriented environments is a testament to her drive and passion for the promotion of economic growth through high quality education and services that focus on workforce improvement.

On the weekends Eva enjoys hiking and visiting San Francisco. Eva is a proud mother of two beautiful ladies and is looking to making a future with her fiancé​ Kris Koeberer.