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Meta Majors are groupings of similar areas of study designed to help you narrow down your interests and decide on a program of study. Exploring Meta Majors will help you find the program path that is right for you! To begin exploring, select a Meta Major from the list below.

Grow ∙ Interpret ∙ Sustain

Do you like working outdoors? Do you enjoy spending time exploring your environment? Are you looking for a career working with animals?

Research ∙Discover ∙ Solve

Do you enjoy solving problems? Do you have a desire to bring your inventions to life? Do you have an interest in puzzles or technology?

Design ∙ Plan ∙ Build

Do you enjoy building and/or fixing things? Do you prefer to work with your hands? Do you want to produce or repair something tangible?

Organize ∙ Lead ∙ Manage

Do you enjoy working with numbers? Are you a leader? Do you enjoy organization and systems? Do you want to pursue a career working in a restaurant, hotel or resort?

Engage ∙ Analyze ∙ Write

Do you enjoy reading? Do you like to communicate through writing? Are you interested in learning new languages?

Imagine ∙ Create ∙ Perform

Are you artistically or musically inclined? Do you love to perform? Are you creative?

Examine ∙ Communicate ∙ Connect

Do you enjoy learning about society and how we communicate with one another? Do you value cultural expression and diversity? Do you want to teach?

Help ∙ Serve ∙ Protect

Do you have the desire help others and keep them out of harm’s way? Do you seek justice? Do you want to be on the front lines in times of crisis?

Strengthen ∙ Care ∙ Heal

Do you want to work in the medical field? Do you enjoy helping others seek out becoming the healthiest version of themselves? Are you interested in human interaction of individuals and families within our society?

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